Choosing a Violin Teacher Singapore

If you are looking for a violin class in singapore teacher, it is essential that you look beyond the name of the school. Look at the company’s work ethics and how they treat their employees and customers. Often, the success of the company is determined by how well the teachers perform and deliver their lessons to their students. It is important to choose the right music teacher for your child, and a reputable Singaporean music school will recommend only experienced violin teachers to their students.

Is it too late to learn violin at 50?

LVL Music Academy is made up of some of the most experienced violin teachers in Singapore and offers professional music instruction to students of all ages. Founded by Janice, a talented violin instructor, the school was established to ensure that her students receive quality lessons from outstanding music teachers. Each teacher is carefully screened by Janice to make sure they have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to teach their students.


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