Water Based CBD

water based cbd

CBD is a major non-psychoactive water based cbd  of the cannabis plant that works in conjunction with your body’s Endocannabinoid System to bring balance to your body and mind. Oil-based cbd products are commonly consumed in the form of tinctures, gummies, and capsules that are absorbed orally. However, some consumers prefer to add their daily serving of cbd to their favorite beverage. This new set of cbd products are called water soluble cbd and are perfect for use in drinks like iced coffee, tea, lemonade, juice, energy shakes, protein smoothies, and more.

When ingested, the fatty oils in oil-based products need to be broken down by your stomach’s enzymes before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The same goes for the fats in most pre-mixed drink products. However, when it comes to water-soluble cbd, the process is much different. This method uses a technique known as nanoemulsion to break apart the cannabinoid molecules into tiny particles that fit in between H2O (water) molecules. This is a common practice used in the food and beverage industry to reduce the amount of fat in ice creams, salad dressings, and other foods.

Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD: Maximizing the Entourage Effect for Optimal Benefits

This process also uses a technology called glycosylation to attach a sugar molecule to the cannabinoid molecule. This makes it more soluble in water and helps the cannabinoids pass through the gut walls. Nanoemulsions are able to increase bioavailability by up to 4.5 times when compared to standard oil-based solutions. This new technique will prove lucrative in a number of CPG (consumer packaged goods) product categories such as beverages, protein shakes, and edibles.

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