Mobile Physio Melbourne

Ranked as the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne has a strong reputation for health care services and innovation. It is also a top location for healthcare professionals, particularly physiotherapists. In fact, more than a quarter of all Australian physiotherapists work in the state of Victoria and Melbourne. Despite its impressive status, however, access to quality physiotherapy can sometimes be difficult for those living in the area. This is especially true for those with mobility issues. Thankfully, mobile physio melbourne is available to help those in need.

What does a physiotherapist do for mobility problems?

They are fully licensed and insured, a registered professional treating you in your residence highly educated, and acutely aware of current best practice in their profession. They also have a strong working relationship with their referrers, clients, and other healthcare providers such as GPs and occupational therapists.

Traditionally, patients have been required to travel to a clinic for a physiotherapy consultation. This can be difficult and often aggravates the condition that has led to the appointment. However, a new solution has been introduced to overcome this problem. In-home physiotherapy is now possible thanks to recent advances in technology. Enter your postcode or suburb below to find a practitioner that offers home visit services in your area. If you are a physiotherapist and would like to offer your services as part of the home visit network, please contact Owner Health to learn more about how we can connect you with patients.

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