Clairvoyance Online Course – Level 1

clairvoyance online

The voyance audiotel training journey (Level 1) is a spiritual path of transformation and empowerment. By the end of this intensive 2-part training (given over 4-days), you will be fully equipped and confident to receive Clairvoyant information, interpret it and give Readings.

This online psychic course will provide you with the skills and tools to unlock your natural psychic abilities in a safe, supportive and fun environment. You will learn how to read auras, remote viewing and develop your intuition through mediumship. You will be supported throughout your learning experience with live coaching sessions and group readings so you can get the most out of this advanced Psychic Training course.

The first step to becoming clairvoyant is raising your vibration. Having a high vibration helps you to connect with your Spirit Guides and strengthens the ability of your third eye to open up and see. It also makes it easier to access your intuitive abilities when needed.

Online Clairvoyance vs. In-Person Readings: Which is Right for You

One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is by meditating and journaling. This will allow you to clear your mind and open up to your higher self. Practicing this daily will help you to increase your clairvoyant abilities, so you can start to see more images and connect with your Spirit Guides.

Another way to increase your clairvoyant abilities is by doing a clairvoyant meditation with tarot cards. This is a great psychic exercise because it allows you to focus on the energy of each card, and also helps you to develop your own clairvoyant readings. Just relax and close your eyes, then think of a beautiful image that symbolizes joy for you. Then, slowly start to see the images appear in front of you. Keep practicing this simple clairvoyant technique, and you will find that it gets easier with time.

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