Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin

There are many different gas boiler replacement dublin types to suit the size of your home and heating needs. However, the most popular choice of boiler in Dublin is a combi boiler that heats both your central heating system and your domestic hot water system all in one unit, saving space. If you are considering getting a new boiler, why not try our quick and easy online “Instant Quote” tool to see how much your ideal gas boiler may cost?

How much does it cost to fit a new boiler in Ireland?

If you find yourself calling the plumber for repair services more frequently than usual, this is a sure sign that it might be time to consider replacing your old gas boiler. Servicing a boiler can be expensive and can take up a lot of your time. A new boiler will provide you with years of comfortable and warm living without the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

A new gas boiler will also offer you a higher energy efficiency rating than your current G-rated boiler, helping you save on fuel costs. This is because older boilers waste a lot of the energy they use. Newer boilers are more efficient, and switching to a new A-rated boiler will significantly reduce your energy bills.

A new gas boiler will create less harmful emissions too. This will help to lower your carbon footprint and contribute to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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