How Premium Cigarette Brands Are Perceived by Smokers

The cigarette market is still highly fragmented and competitive despite decades of branded marketing. Among premium brands, Marlboro maintains a dominant position but it is clear that it faces stiff competition from other well established brands like Newport and Camel. In order to maintain and even grow their share of the market, tobacco manufacturers need to develop innovative products, which are aimed at specific consumer groups. They need to keep up with changing consumer demands and effectively meet them.More info :

Cigarette brand names and descriptors may have an impact on smoker perceptions of harm, attractiveness and appeal. To test this, a sample of 88% daily smokers from three US research laboratories was asked to rank a set of cigarette brand descriptors within each class of the four main cigarette brand features (prestige, connotation, taste and color). Perceptions were measured using median rankings for harm, attractiveness and appeal and analyzed by demographic variables such as sex and age. The results showed that cigarette descriptors were highly ranked by smokers, with smooth being perceived as the most appealing and attractive cigarette and red the most harmful cigarette. Rankings for each of the three dimensions of perceived harm, attractiveness and appeal were highly correlated.

Craftsmanship in Every Puff: The Allure of Premium Cigarette Brands

The study is the first in a plain packaging environment to experimentally examine how cigarette variant name influences sensory experience. 81 current cigarette smokers were randomly allocated to smoke cigarettes with the apparent premium and value brand variant name shown on the pack or masked, whilst rating their expected enjoyment, quality and harshness, as well as cigarette variant attributes including strength, tar, lightness and draw effort.

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