Gas Leak Meter – Save Lives With a Gas Leak Meter

A gas leak meter can save lives by alerting you to dangerous combustible gases in your home. These devices are handheld instruments that suck air from around piping and appliances to detect toxic and flammable gases such as carbon monoxide and propane. They typically use an LED display to indicate the presence of a gas. Many also come with a flexible probe that can be inserted into hard-to-reach spaces to pinpoint the source of a leak. They are battery-powered and may be hardwired into your home’s electrical system.

A natural gas leak often results from a fractured pipe, a loose connection or a corrosion pit. A hissing sound at a bad joint or around an appliance is another telltale sign. If you suspect a gas leak, make sure to evacuate the area and call the utility company from a safe location outside your property. Evacuation should be done with the utmost care as gas leaks can cause carbon monoxide poisoning which is highly toxic.

Gas Leak Detection Made Easy: Exploring Gas Leak Meters

In addition to a natural gas leak detector, it is recommended to have an annual inspection of your gas pipes by a professional to ensure proper operation and safety. Your local utility company can conduct these inspections for a fee or you can hire your own plumbing professionals. If you notice any symptoms of a gas leak such as nausea, fatigue or difficulty breathing, you should immediately leave the building and contact the utility company from a safe distance.

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