Custom Military Patches

Custom military patches are a powerful way to express your branch of service and the specialized work you do. Whether you’re on active duty or a veteran, your patch tells a story that builds team spirit and promotes unity. Discover the history of military patches, how they’re used to convey rank, unit insignia, and accomplishments, and how you can create your own.


Traditionally, most military patches are embroidered on twill fabric. This material provides a classic look, a smooth texture and crisp detail. It’s the most popular choice for woven patches due to its top quality and design flexibility. Choose a solid color or a high-quality premium thread for added shine and a rich color palette.

Laser Cut

Laser cut patches are a great alternative to woven and embroidered patches. They have a unique, sleek appearance and can be used to add unique light effects such as glow in the dark and IR reflectivity. Laser cutting is also a great choice for intricately detailed patches with small or thin lines.

Morale Patches

Morale patches are worn on tactical caps, backpacks, gear bags, uniforms, and combat shirts. They can be used to display unit insignia, ranks, and even achievements in the field. Designed with high-precision manufacturing, they are built to withstand the rigors of military and law enforcement operations. Choose from a wide variety of unique designs to complement your uniform, and incorporate high-visibility colors to help you stand out in the dark.

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