Choosing Lift Maintenance Contractors

lift maintenance contractors are vital in multi-story buildings for ensuring access to and from floors, but as with all machinery, they can sometimes run into issues. It is important to hire a licenced maintenance contractor to carry out any repairs necessary to keep your lift functioning at maximum efficiency. A maintenance contract offers peace of mind that should an issue arise, help is on its way and it will not be neglected or left unattended, which could result in more costly repairs in the long run.

Choosing Lift Maintenance Contractors

When choosing a maintenance provider you should ensure that they are experienced in handling all types of lifts and have a proven track record. It is also recommended to ask for references and examples of work carried out by the company, particularly in your industry sector. The location of their service branch and engineers should be within close proximity to your site, as this will enable them to respond quickly. It is also important to ensure that their engineers are multi-skilled and can manage the servicing of your whole portfolio, from passenger, platform, dumbwaiters and goods elevators to escalators and moving walkways.

Finally, you should review their service contracts and terms. It is essential to understand what you are signing up for, whether it is a full maintenance contract or not and when billable hours start. It is also important to know how quickly they can obtain replacement parts from their suppliers, and whether the cost of these will be included in your maintenance agreement or an additional charge.

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