How to Test For Sewer Gas

how to test for sewer gas

If you’re noticing the rotten egg smell of sewer gas, it’s time to call in professional help. It’s a dangerous issue that should be treated as an emergency, and it can affect anyone from kids to seniors. The bacteria, methane, and hydrogen sulfide in sewer gas are harmful to humans at high levels. These gases can also irritate the eyes, make people cough, and produce dizziness. how to test for sewer gas  Long-term exposure can even lead to heart attacks or death.

Hydrogen sulfide is toxic to the body because it interferes with our sense of smell. It’s especially dangerous at high concentrations in enclosed spaces. Methane and ammonia are also flammable, making them more of a fire risk than sewer gas in general.

Detecting Sewer Gas: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Testing

The rotten egg smell of sewer gas can come from a variety of issues, including dried-out water traps, missing clean-out caps or plugs and failing wax rings around toilets. However, it’s also possible for sewer gas to get into the home due to a structural problem with the house’s plumbing lines.

The most effective way to test for sewer gas is by using a vapor detector, which will alert you to any potentially dangerous gases and pinpoint the source of the leak. All Rocket Plumbers are certified to use this tool, which safely blows smoke under pressure into the plumbing system, and it follows the path of least resistance, showing up where sewer gas is leaking into the house. It is the fastest and most reliable way to find the exact cause of the problem and fix it as quickly as possible.

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